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"One of the greatest gifts we have been given is vision. Sight is the function of the eyes, whilst vision is the function of the heart." - Myles Monroe
  • So what is the vision for your life today?
  • As a woman, where are you at presently?
  • Where do you see yourself going?
  • Where are you heading on your journey?
  • What stage are you at in your life?
  • Who has control and influence over your life?
  • Are you a newly married woman learning how to identify with who you are as an individual as well as a wife?
  • Have you recently become a mother or been a full-time mum for a while?
  • Do you ask questions like: Who am I, what is my role in life, my function, my purpose, do 'I' exist anymore?
  • Are you in an educational developmental stage of life embarking on career choices or trying to discover your X-factor
  • Are you in an area of work that no longer challenges you, leaves you feeling dried up, burnt-out and not sure which road to take next? The familiar is all well and good, but the prospect of staying where you are indefinitely, propels you forward, to look for positive change.
  • Are you a woman, mid way through life contemplating or anticipating another phase of life, but have become an impromptu carer and your plans are in now limbo?
  • Feeling torn and guilty for resenting the change of circumstances but are committed to fulfilling this role in the circle of life?

Problems, questions, quandaries; the list seems endless somehow and the choices numerous. Options are multiple, decisions ceaseless; where does one begin?

If you are asking the question: How do I move on? Well, you begin by deciding to take action. How? By being coached!

We say that problems shared can be halved, however this depends on the person you choose!  With a coach however, the process is one of forming a relationship or an alliance with someone other than a friend or family member who can be objective, non-critical and non-judgemental.

Coaching enables the client to take some control over their lives and make decisions. It is about saying, "I matter and I no longer want to be limited by my circumstances". Lets not forget that limits exist only in the mind.

We must grasp hold of the opportunities before us and actively pursue what has been a germ of an idea or a desire hidden so deep that you've forgotten it is there. You may find that you cannot move forward, in the place you are at. That there is a desire within, that gnaws away, an unfulfilled feeling, that you know prevents you from being true to yourself and doing what you really desire to do.

I passionately believe we were all born with a purpose to pursue; a destination to travel to and that we are full of the potential to achieve this.

You may feel that you do not know entirely or have even begun to realise this purpose.

It is never to late. When you stop and ask the questions what makes me tick?, what do I enjoy doing?, what have I always wanted to do when I was young? - what are the answers that come back to you?

How are you managing life changes

The stage of life that you are in and the decisions that you are making with regards to these changes, may need support, which is where I come in. I can help to provide a frame for your thinking, by exploring options, solutions and planning the next steps, to confidently make informed decisions in moving forward, as you deal with the changes in your life.

Coaching has an onion effect - it peels away the layers getting to the core issues, which may reveal what your stumbling blocks are to making progress.

Then it is just a matter of time, the effort you put in and your determination for success.

My commitment to you individually is to see you progress further beyond the boundaries that currently exist. We are all capable of far more than we can see or imagine. A mole underground tries to surface and can only see piles of earth in front. However after much effort, it manages to emerge and find daylight having moved mountains to do so! So too can you!! The answers to all your questions are within you and during this partnership, we will uncover the things that need to come to the surface and the new you will be enabled to emerge.

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