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HelenHello and thank-you for logging on,

I am Helen Cyrus-Whittle a personal life Coach, who trained with the Coaching Academy. I have two children and live in the Nottinghamshire area.

I grew up in the lovely Island of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and came here to study in 1982, to pursue a career in Nursing, which I accomplished. Later branching off into education, lecturing in F.E.

I enjoy playing tennis, walking and cooking,as well as dancing and I would love one day to have the opportunity to spend at least a day with a professional chef and also a week being trained in a "strictly come dancing"  course, a dream perhaps, and a possibility of course!

I have always been interested in people and enjoy the diversity of individuals lives, identities and backgrounds. I am excited that as a woman in her forties, I have changed direction and absolutely love what I do now, in the field of Coaching.

As a teenager I was often in trouble with adults for talking at school or reprimanded at home for over use of the phone.

Ironically these are the two areas that I use as part of my job. Can you reflect on areas of your life that appeared negative, yet it was at the time "untamed gifting"?

I am particularly interested in the purpose with which we are all born. Believing that we are not here by accident but design. Hence there is a reason for our existence and the potential and gifting within each one of us and a career and job for us to do.

As each of us is individual, even more so are our lives, we may share likenesses or ideas, look like others, even have similar ideas and beliefs. However we are all different, and so have a calling, that is unique to each of us.

My passion is to help those of you struggling to find your calling, gifting, career, direction, focus and those whose lives are in a spin, to find what is within each of you, your uniqueness, your stamp, your identity!

To help you discover what really makes you tick, think about what you rush home from work to get stuck into and the hours go by whilst you enjoy your hobby! Then you get up the next day and drag yourself to the job, you hate. What is stopping you doing what you really enjoy?

That is my role as a coach to get you from that place to where you want to be!

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