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Managing Challenge and Change

The workshops comprises of a 2/3 as required hour session.

This session will look at the Following:

These are some of the areas covered during the workshops.

Stress has now contributed hugely to staff sickness

1.      To help individuals to understand what they want and to discover how they are going to get it. By uncovering the fundamental issues that contributed to where they find themselves.

2.      To identify areas that need to change and to be given tools to help create the changes needed.

3.      To identify areas of conflict that hold them back from achieving what they want to be do or have in their lives.

3.    To be proactive in setting well formed goals with achievable outcomes.

This is the outline for the proposed session, please do not hesitate to call, or discuss any other ideas you may have. This  also applies to content, if you would like other areas to be explored, these can be added on to the existing session or more sessions added at you discretion.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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