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Do you know anymore, can you recognise who or what you have become- did you ever know?

Here is the opportunity to find out

Challenge yourself to give YOU the permission to find out who you are.

These seminars are a time of self discovery, of building on foundations that are already there, whether we realise it or not.

It is a day to remember and one you cannot afford to miss.

It will be a day to create a process of change.

Ask yourself-

Am I ready to discover myself or am I happy to remain in the same place I have been in for as long as I can remember?

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WOMENS LIFE (Living is for everyone)

Goals and Motivation Course

Women are you at a crossroads in your life?

Are your children growing up and has your current chosen path run out of steam?

Have you been searching for the next phase of your life?

Do you feel unsupported, with no one to turn to?

How do you move on?

Well, by taking action?


By staring a six weeks course with a Qualified Life Coach with other women who are feeling like you do!

In a relaxed comfortable environment, to look at what is important to you as a Women Parenting alone!

Confidence, Goals, Career, Motivation….and more!

These courses can be run in your company or organisation.

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Course Outcomes;

The Course will introduce coaching skills and techniques and how to implement them with clients in your capacity as Mental health workers, Parents, Staff working with parents, NHS Staff

Throughout the three days there will be

  • Demonstrations as well as opportunity to practice learnt skills
  • To help initiate the first steps to changing the stumbling blocks in your path and the clients
  • Opportunities to discover and recognise your own strengths that can empower the worker/client relationship.
  • An environment that provides you with time to think time to spend on the practical application of the skills being taught.

Helen Cyrus Whittle - Trainer

‘I have been a qualified Life Coach as well as an NLP practitioner for 9 years. I was a qualified RN Nurse, and have worked at both the City and QMC in Nottingham. After which I went into Public Health, and then teaching in FE for a few years.

I also run ten week courses for client groups suffering from mental distress

I Coach on a one to one basis, run courses for mixed groups within the region, as well as seminars, staff development, and tailor made courses for organisations.

I am passionate about what I do and enjoy coaching immensely.

The aim of my work is to help motivate individuals to believe in themselves, to discover their gift/ passion in life, and to do what they do well. By helping to build on their self worth and by understanding what makes them who they are!’

Are you interested in KICK STARTING your life? How about spending two hours a week for 8 weeks, in the evenings.

  • Discovering who you are.
  • Looking at the things you are good at.
  • Looking at how to change your circumstances.
  • Discovering what you want, to be, do or have.
  • Then how you go about achieving these goals.


These sessions are run by a qualified life coach. For further information please contact:

Helen Cyrus-Whittle

Proposal for Managing Stress day Workshop

The workshops comprises of a 2/3 as required hour session.

This session will look at the Following:

These are some of the areas covered during the workshops.

Stress has now contributed hugely to staff sickness

1.      To help individuals to understand what they want and to discover how they are going to get it. By uncovering the fundamental issues that contributed to where they find themselves.

2.      To identify areas that need to change and to be given tools to help create the changes needed.

3.      To identify areas of conflict that hold them back from achieving what they want to be do or have in their lives.

3.    To be proactive in setting well formed goals with achievable outcomes.

This is the outline for the proposed session, please do not hesitate to call, or discuss any other ideas you may have. This  also applies to content, if you would like other areas to be explored, these can be added on to the existing session or more sessions added at you discretion.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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