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Having been to 7 weddings in 4 months there has been the witnessing of excitement and anticipation, the right outfit for the occasion, the stories and the fever to the build up and then the wonderful day of smiles, tears of joy, the first glimpse of the beauty to behold coming down the isle, the service, the speeches, the dancing, which I thoroughly enjoy, then the goodbyes and off to honeymoon and one is left with happy memories to savour in the weeks to come.
Then its the life ever after and here is where I am most interested.... The coming together and  the living and sharing of space, time, and events, the exploration of bringing two people together in close proximity to do life together.
Getting to know one anothers like and dislikes, habits, moods, cycles, humour, its all to be had and for the sharing.
So how can one be encouraged in a world that loves a good happy ever after story, that is really only just beginning, and has no real road map.
I would advocate treating your relationships/marriages better than we do cars and mobile phones, which we Mot insure and service yearly.....yet the delicacies and intricacies of two human beings coming together, we leave to just get on with it.
The same principle applies here which is to Mot and service out relationships regularly. Keep dating, keep communicating, keep doing the fun things and most of all keep doing things together which helps you to grow, whilst walking in the same direction.
They are different because they were born that way and it is that difference that probably was what first attracted you to them in the the beginning. So keep that nourished and beautiful, try not to destroy what makes them unique.Learn to ask each other for what you need, rather than assume through osmosis that the other person knows or should know.
Keep yourselves accountable to each other and ask for help before you need it, that means learning from those ahead of you as well as being guided by mature couples who have the wisdom to speak life into your relationship! 
Always remember to put each other first, love does not destroy, control, or manipulate, but wants whats right for the other while enabling them to be the best they were born to be.
Keep loving!!!! 


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