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I first met Helen over 5 years ago as a student on one of her courses. Since then I have worked closely with Helen to commission a range of Coaching Skills courses that she has provided across the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and which have become some of the most popular and consistently highly evaluated courses provided by our Learning & Development department.

The main focus of the Coaching Skills courses that Helen has provided for us have been around using the basic principles and skills of coaching to support people with their recovery from mental, emotional and long-term physical conditions. However, as the courses have become more popular we have found that people also want to access the courses to develop their communication skills, leadership roles and as part of their general personal and professional development.

Our staff have responded very positively to the courses and the excellent quality of teaching and support that Helen provides. There has been a definite positive impact on the culture within many of our services as people are increasingly aware of and making use of basic coaching principles and approaches.

Helen’s courses are regularly attended by mixed groups – including staff, service users and carers. It is a credit to her that she can sensitively respond to the learning and developmental needs of diverse groups of people in such a positive way.

Helen has been responsive to the ongoing developments and emerging needs that exist within our large NHS Trust and has been very willing and committed to working collaboratively to ensure that the courses that she provides for us are adaptive, flexible and meet the needs of our organisation. I look forward to a long and positive working relationship with Helen in the future and would strongly endorse and recommend her courses to colleagues in other health & social care services.

Tony Mitchell – Educational Consultant in Recovery, Learning & Development, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

"She helped me to understand what was important & focus on working on certain areas of my life that I wanted to improve & overcoming personal problems that were holding me back."

I found the sessions quite life changing. We discussed subjects that I had never really spoken about which included issues that really needed addressing, rather than ignoring, in order for me to move on with my personal & business life more positively.


"I have known Helen for several years and attended many of her ‘breakfasts’ for women where I’ve experienced her warmth, hospitality and integrity."

She has a unique ability to engage with people and put them at ease while inspiring total trust and confidence. Some of my most enjoyable times have been spent in her company and at her events where she demonstrates her skill, experience and professionalism in life coaching. Helen’s talent in this field creates a feeling of self-belief and the realisation that we have it within ourselves to make positive changes in our lives. I have truly gained much from her input.


"I have known Helen for over twenty years and she is a natural encourager."

Helen's life coach courses that I have been on give you time, space and permission to dream. It gives you an opportunity to make a plan in order to hit those life long dreams.

An example from my life was my desire to go to America. I went on one of Helen's life coach courses in 2007 and wrote this goal down.

The thing with writing down a goal is that when opportunity knocks, even though you may be nervous and uncertain, you walk through the door and hit that life long goal.

This year my children and I went to New York for my 50th.

So I can highly recommend Helen as a life coach. It's a worthwhile investment of your time and money. It has the potential to change your life forever for the better. You won't regret it!



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